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Chain Slings

LINX-8 Grade 8 (G8, G80)

LINX-8 G8 Chain Sling SystemChain slings are available in various grades and materials with the most widely used in the UK being Grade 8 (or G8) alloy. LINX-8 Grade 8 chain slings are both economical and of high quality and are available in chain sizes from 6mm to 32mm along with a comprehensive range of fittings that cover a wide variety of applications. LINX-8 G8 chain slings fully conform to EN818-4 (chain to EN818-2 and components to EN1677).

Grade 8 chain slings should not be confused with slings classified as Grade 80 as these may be manufactured using boron alloy chain, or with fittings that do not conform to EN1677 and therefore do not meet with the requirements of EN818. Whilst Grade 80 chain slings are rated with the same working load limits (WLL) as G8 slings, they may not perform equally under certain conditions.


For further details of the LINX-8 G8 chain sling range please click HERE.

Pewag Winner Grade 10 (G10, G100)

Pewag Winner G10 Chain Sling

Grade 10 (or G10) chain slings are becoming more widely used due to their increase in load capacity of +25% over Grade 8. This increase in working load limit (WLL) allows the user in certain circumstances to select a smaller chain diameter than that of G8 which makes the sling lighter and therefore easier to handle. G10 material is also slightly harder than G8 which gives the added benefit of increased toughness and longer service life. Pewag Winner Grade 100 chain slings are produced to the highest possible quality standards and the range of fittings available make this one of the most comprehensive chain sling systems available. Chain sizes from 5mm to 32mm offer lifting capacities of up to 85 tonnes on a four leg sling.

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Pewag Winner Pro Grade 12 (G12, G120)

Pewag Winner Pro G12 Chain SlingPewag Winner Pro Grade 12 (or G12 / G120) chain slings are available offering an increase in load capacity of +20% over G10 and 50% over G8. This allows the user to select a full chain size lower than that of G8 whilst maintaining a comparative WLL resulting in a significant weight saving.

The special profiled chain which was developed by Pewag and used in the Winner Pro G12 system offers significant improvements in bending resistance when compared to round section chains (6% increase) which is particularly useful when loading a sling over a corner.

More information on this system can be found HERE.

Pewag Winner Inox Grade 6+ (G63)

Pewag Winner Inox G6+ Stainless Steel Chain SlingsPewag stainless steel chain slings are available in G6+ (G63) in both mechanically joined or welded forms and are used extensively in the food industry and chemical processing plants as well as marine, waste and fresh water environments.

The Pewag Winner Inox G6+ programme is available in sizes ranging from 4mm through to 26mm giving load capacities of up to 12 tonnes on a single fall sling.

Pewag stainless steel pump lifting slings are widely recognised throughout the water treatment industry and have set the benchmark for safety and quality.

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