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Eller PR Lever Hoist With Overload Protection

Eller PR Lever Hoist With Overload Protection
£177.08   (£147.57 ex. VAT)

ELLER PR lever hoist with overload protection fitted as standard.

Product description

  • Working load limits of up to 9.6t
  • Rubber handle with anti-slip and fixed with bolt
  • The Dacromet chain stripper, chain end mount, chain guide, spacers and stainless steel nuts provide higher protection against corrosion
  • Galvanized chain guides leads the load chain properly into the sprocket  wheel without jamming and sticking
  • Hooks fitted with cast safety latch
  • With robust chain end piece for extra safety. The chain cannot get pulled out of the hoist
  • When put into neutral position, the chain can easily be pulled into any desired position
  • European load chain according to EN 818-7
  • With 80µm electrophoresis coating
  • Overload protection as standard (OLP)
  • Standard lifting height 1.5m.

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