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Nitchi RBP1 Pocket Sized Lever Hoist

Nitchi RBP1 Pocket Sized Lever Hoist
£197.09   (£164.24 ex. VAT)

Product Description

A compact and lightweight pocket sized lever hoist with many distinguishing features.

Nitchi RBP1 Pocket Size Lever Hoist 250kg

  • Compact, lightweight and high quality
  • Capable of accommodating vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal load hoisting
  • High work efficiency
  • Auto lock mechanism, activates the brake as soon as the load is engaged for improved convenience and safety
  • Upper hook can easily be replaced by removing the gear case
  • Easy handling with exceptionally light pulling force / effort
  • Single handed free-wheeling device
  • Ideal addition for the toolbox weighing in at only 1.9kg
  • Standard height of lift 1m

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