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Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our business

During this period of unprecedented uncertainty we will continue to work with our customers and suppliers to ensure that we remain available to provide products and services for as long as we are legally able to do so.

It goes without saying that our number one priority is to ensure that our families, employees, customers and suppliers are kept safe during this time and in order to achieve this we have introduced certain measures and practices to preserve the welfare of everyone.

 As follows:

  • Our warehouse remains open for collections and deliveries until further notice, however admission to the building is currently prohibited for all but Brindley Chains staff.
  • Drivers must wait in their vehicles and call the office number (01925 825555) to make their presence known and our personnel will arrange for goods to be loaded and unloaded from a safe distance in the car park.
  • Social distancing is being observed between our own members of staff who are in attendance and those who are able to work from home are doing so until further notice.
  • All vulnerable staff members have been ordered to stay at home and self isolate until further notice.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we remain of service to our customers throughout this difficult time. Should we be forced to close the premises in the coming days we will remain available on specific mobile phones to provide assistance where possible.

Contacts in the event of closure:

Paul Brindley:    07764 930901 (lifting products and general enquiries)

Chris Brindley:   07764 930902 (tyre chains and mechanical handling enquiries)

Alan Starkey:     07919 405608 (sales engineer – information and advice for southern regions)

Ian Baxter:          07432 506768 (sales engineer – information and advice for northern regions)

Gail Lee:               07850 542509 (accounts enquiries)


Stay safe, stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS.