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Chain Tags

For a number of years now Brindley Chains has been supplying the UK lifting industry with purpose made high quality chain tags. These tags are available in both G8 and G10 versions and are based around an 8 and 10 pointed star respectively.

Looking for an improved alternative to the traditional hammer close 'chain tab', Brindley Chains set about designing a durable and informative tag that could be attached to a chain sling via a separate attachment link. It was necessary to design the tag and link so that it was both easy to fit during the sling assembly, and robust enough to withstand the rigours of use on site without becoming detached from the sling. The result is what you can find for sale at Brindley Chains today, and these very tags are favoured by many of the well known and respected lifting gear companies within the industry.

The tag itself has an area to stamp the sling identification number, the total number of chain legs on the sling, the diameter of the chain used in the sling and the working load limit (WLL) of the sling at varying angles.

Two sizes of attachment link are available for convenience and versatility and these will suit most popular chain sizes. The links can be hammered closed and spot welded if so desired to give a more permanent fixing, although they are still extremely durable when used in their unwelded state.

We are also able to offer these tags with your company name or logo embossed upon them. This is a service that we feel is unique to Brindley Chains and offers you the customer, the opportunity to market your company in a way previously not envisaged. For a one off charge we can have a name tool manufactured which then becomes your property. Each time an order of 500 tags or more is placed, your unique name tool is used during production and your customised tags will emerge fully embossed. This is a service which many of our customers have already taken advantage of, and if it is something that is of interest to you please complete our contact form with details of your enquiry and we would be pleased to assist you with your design.