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Load Lashing Chains

Load lashing or load restraint is a vital component for the safe transport of goods whether this be by road, rail or sea. Outside forces applied to the load caused by the effects of breaking, accelerating or cornering have a dramatic effect on how the load is to be restrained.

In a similar way to how we select lifting equipment, the shape and type of load as well as the effects of the working angles of the lashings, can increase the forces considered and consequently these factors affect the choice of both the type of lashing that should be selected and the method of how they should be used (friction or direct lashing).

BS EN 12195 Parts 1 to 4 were introduced to provide a means of conforming to the essential safety requirements for lashing and load restraint in the Common European market and thus enabling the free movement of goods.

Chain lashing systems are available in G8, G10 and G12 quality grades.



 Pewag Winner G10 Lashing Systems
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