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Pewag Tyre Protection Chains

A tyre protection chain can best be described as a close mesh which is fitted over the face and the sidewalls of the tyre to form a barrier against damaging materials.

Heavy wheeled loaders working in quarries, steel mill operations, and other hostile environments must take steps to protect their tyres. Today's costs for their repair or replacement, added to the expense of downtime and lost production of the machine, makes the fitting of tyre protection chains a necessity in many industrial applications.

In addition to providing protection, the chain mesh can also improve traction, especially at the quarry face, where the working surface is covered with sharp-edged loose rock. In these conditions the performance of the loader can be considerably enhanced by the use of tyre protection chains.

Tyre protection chains are not necessary for every wheeled-loader application. A careful survey of the tyre life without chains can quickly establish the economics of the situation.

Pewag have over 60 years experience in the design and manufacture of reliable high quality tyre protection chains and produce an extensive range of chain sizes, link designs and mesh patterns to suit the majority of applications.

The supply of pewag tyre protection chains usually includes installation, and periodic free service inspections and adjustments.


Earth Mover Tyres, which represent the highest single cost factor for the operation of a wheeled unit, are sensitive to cuts, punctures and other damage. Their high value and world-wide-shortage means that pewag Tire Protection Chains solve many of these problems by providing the following advantages.

- lower direct hourly operating costs by

  • multiplied tire life leading to a significant reduction in tire costs
  • predictable service life of tires and chains
  • accurate budgeting
  • minimal down-time due to tire failure
  • maximum equipment availability
  • improved stability, increased traction and better penetration for digging and break-out
  • increased productivity in tonnages per hour

- additional benefits:

  • optimum tire protection - reduced tire maintenance
  • protection plus traction with chain use - safe operation even in the worst conditions (on rock, fire and ice)

pewag goes big

Mining equipment both wheel loaders (WA 1200, CAT 994, LT 1850) and dump trucks (CAT 797, HD 930) are always getting bigger and heavier same as their tires (60/80-57; 59/80-63). pewag were first to fit chains on CAT 994 in 1992 and first in chaining the world largest tire 60/80-57 in 2003. 2007 in the lead again with the product launch of the new heavy duty TPC generation in 23mm.



pewag goes underground

Special reinforced chain solutions for underground mining designed by pewag are providing maximum strength, optimum wear volume as well as special flank protection by dense inside and outside mesh.



pewag goes high

The reliability of pewag traction chains from XS – XXL guarantee maximum safety and keep your mining operation rolling even in the highest mountains.





How to install pewag tyre protection chains