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ENDO Spring Balancers

What is a spring balancer?

Spring balancers work by maintaining a stable tension when the cable is pulled out or retracted and this is achieved thanks to the tapered drum. Spring balancers are used to suspend tools allowing workers to enjoy virtually effortless operation leading to less fatigue whilst maintaining clutter free work spaces and production lines.

Load capacities from 0.3kg to 200kg are available.

Endo Spring Balancer


  • Suspending tools in product assembly lines.
  • Work areas involving the frequent fastening of screws, bolts and nuts.
  • Suspending jigs, tools, welding guns etc.


  • The balancers improve working efficiency and diminish worker fatigue.
  • The balancers make the position of a tool consistant and contribute to more accurate work.
  • The balancers assist in keeping tools clean.
  • No electric or pneumatic power is required and therefore a safer working environment is achieved.


For more detailed information on ENDO spring balancers, please refer to the sales brochure or contact us via our enquiry form.

 ENDO Spring Balancers