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Pewag Chain Cutter

Pewag Chain Cutter

The solution for effortless adjustment of chains

The fast and safe customisation of chains and wire ropes has a significant influence on the effectiveness of work processes - not only in chain production, but in any environment where customisation is part of everyday life.

The compact pewag chain cutter enables safe and effortless adjustment of chains of different grades and ensures immediate optimisation of your work processes.

Cutting chains has never been easier

The pewag smart solution for industrial cutting processes:

  • Fast cutting, easy handling
  • Easy cutting to length of chains of all grades up to 16 mm (coming soon: wire cutting)
  • Specially developed blade material
  • Stationary or mobile use
  • Highest quality standards
  • Made in Europe - manufactured from high quality materials for a long service life (up to 20,000 cuts)

pewag chain cutter PKS300

Product features

  • Blades can be easily changed and reused up to 3 times
  • Robust cover made of safety glass, which simplifies the cutting process by means of power transmission
  • 30 tonnes cutting force
  • Specially developed hydraulic cylinder
  • 200 bar hydraulic unit for a long lifetime and low noise level
  • Carbide blades guarantee long lifetimes
  • Foot control switch for optimum operating comfort

How the pewag chain cutter works

Developed by pewag engineering

pewag engineering is a solution provider for assembly facilities, individual measurement and testing machines as well as robot applications. The pewag chain cutter was designed and developed by pewag engineering.

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