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Pewag Winner Profimag Lifting Magnets

Pewag Profimag Lifting Magnets offer the following benefits:

Pewag Profimag Lifting Magnets

  • Built using Neodymium magnets
  • No electricity required for use
  • Small, compact format
  • Built using premium master links from the pewag winner range
  • May be used for a wide range of different metals, bearing in mind the reduction factors for working load limits
  • Easy to switch on or off by turning the lever by 180°, thus fully leveraging the magnetic effect
  • Safety mechanism locks lever in position when the magnet is on, thus preventing the accidental release of the load
  • Lever, handle, spring, lock and label are available as spare parts
  • 5-year warranty
  • Jointed connection between master link and magnet, therefore reduced load during inclined hoisting operations
  • Front panels made from aluminium, thus reduced proper weight



 Technical Brochure
Technical Brochure