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Pewag Winner Offshore Lifting Systems

Pewag Winner Offshore Lifting Systems

For extreme lifting applications

Lifting equipment for container transportation and offshore lifting operations often produce high dynamic forces and excessive impact loadings especially in rough seas. Low temperatures also affect the resilience of the materials causing unsuitable material to become brittle leading to equipment failures.

In addition products that are used offshore tend to corrode due to permanent high air humidity, particularly in warmer sea areas, this may lead to increases in stress corrosion cracking.

The pewag winner offshore programme has been specially developed for use in these harsh conditions, the products being manufactured with special heat treatments to give long service life even at temperatures down to -40°C.

pewag has consistently set industry leading high standards with innovative design, with the focus clearly on manufacturing products with safety, reliability and functionality as the prime motive.

DNV 2.7-1 approved

All individual parts of a chain sling or wire rope sling for lifting offshore containers must be checked and certified by DNV in accordance with the Standard for Certification 2.7-1. This is possible through extensive case-by-case tests and approvals (costly and time consuming often means a longer delivery time), or by subjecting the products to a type approval by DNV beforehand.

pewag has followed the route of type approval and is now in a position to supply products at short notice (individual components or complete chain slings), which correspond to the Standard for Certification 2.7-1. Due to the type approval, pewag is authorised by DNV to certify/confirm to compliance with regulation.

Pewag Winner Offshore Lifting Systems DNV Type Approval Certificates