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Mechanical Handling Systems

Pewag bucket elevators and scraper conveyors have a proven track record the world over.

The principle innovative component in the bucket elevator system is the patented BDS bucket attachment, which allows the buckets to be attached to an endless chain. Importantly this component is not a wear- part and can be reused on replacement chains. It can also be used to upgrade basic chain and shackle systems using existing buckets (normally without re-drilling)

The pewag bucket elevator system utilises either friction or toothed drive wheels depending on the requirements of the application.

Brindley Chains can carry out a free-of-charge survey of any existing bucket elevator installation, and also advise on the possibility of performance upgrades etc.

We also design and install elevators to suit both new and existing plant.

Pewag chain conveyor systems are used in many applications, but are of particular value where resistance to wear in abrasive conditions is a requirement.

Pewag Hero Friction Welded Chains

Friction welding is a well understood “joining technology” which has been used by aviation and automotive industries for decades. pewag is the first chain producer to apply and refine the friction welding process for the production of the next generation of chains.

The special form of the chain links, which is now possible leads to longer durability.

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Technical Brochure


Technical Brochure