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LINX-8 LHP Screw-In Lifting and Lashing Point

LINX-8 LHP Lifting & Lashing Point
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LINX-8 LHP lifting and lashing points can rotate through 360°.

Wide incorporated load link accepts a large range of hook sizes.

Each lifting point is marked with the thread size (M), WLL, CE mark and batch number.

4:1 safety factor.

Thread sizes available: M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M27, M36, M42, M48.

Refer to load tables below for dimension data and lifting capacities.

LINX-8 LHP Lifting & Lashing Point 

LINX-8 LHP Lifting & Lashing Point Dimensions

LINX-8 LHP Lifting & Lashing Point Load Table

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