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Mul-T-Lock High Security Padlocks

Mul-T-Lock Padlocks
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A padlock is intended to offer high security and an ability to deter a break-in. But this can only be achieved if the right padlock is specified.

However, any security is only as good as the weakest link. Knowing the difference between a traditional padlock type and the right padlock for the application is key.


Know Your NE Series Padlock

When it comes to padlocks, size does not necessarily equate with strength. For instanace a large, chunky padlock made from cheap materials will be much easier to break than a smaller , high security one. Selecting the correct padlock can only be achieved by understanding the risk associated with the specific application. By example securing high value or sensitive assets in a well constructed building will be different to protecting low value items in timber structures.

Mul-T-Lock NE Series Padlocks

The NE series offers maximum efficiency and high security whilst maintaining the high performance and the serviceability associated with Mul-T-Lock padlocks. With body options offering open and closed shackle varients, and with the addition of sliding bolt padlocks too, the NE series ensures that there is a high security padlock suitable for you.

CEN Grade Rating

CEN stands for Central European Norm. The rating scale came about after the market leading padlock manufacturers joined forces to standardise on specific testing criteria.

There are 6 Grade levels with CEN 1 being classified as general use to CEN 6 which is classified as maximum security.

  • GRADE 6 – Maximum Security
  • GRADE 5 – Extra High Security
  • GRADE 4 – High Security
  • GRADE 3 – Medium / High Security
  • GRADE 2 – Standard Security
  • GRADE 1 – Low Security

Key Security

Mul-T-Lock NE series padlocks are offered with all Mul-T-Lock key platforms to enable patented key security if required and the ability to operate from Mul-T-Lock's bespoke master key options and innovative keyed alike system. Patented key padlocks are supplied with a dedicated security card which forms part of a strict security protocol required to obtain additional keys when required.

Master Key

Where multiple padlocks are required as part of an overall security system, Mul-T-Lock master key systems enable each padlock to have it's own key, yet authorised personnel can have a key, which can open specified, or all padlocks, as desired.

Keyed Alike

Mul-T-Lock NE series padlocks can be keyed alike. This means if you have two or more, they can be configured to allow you to operate them using the same key for all locks.