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Pewag Eye Bolt (RGS)

Pewag Eye Bolt (RGS)
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This high-strength RGS eyebolt is ideal for lifting machine parts. Eyebolts may only be tightened manually and are not suitable for diagonal pull. RGS eyebolts cannot be beaten when it comes to quality and reliability.

Pewag RGS Eyebolt


Permitted usage

For load capacities in the permitted directions of pull (vertical load only - fig.: Permitted usage) please refer to the load capacity table.





Non-permitted usage

During assembly, ensure that improper loading cannot arise due to any of the following factors:
•    Direction of pull is obstructed
•    Direction of pull is not within the indicated area
(fig.: Non-permitted usage)


Please note that the RGS eyebolt may only be placed under load in a straight axis in line with the direction of pull! For other methods of lifting involving angles please see the screwable eyebolts PLGW or screwable lifting points PLAW, PLBW or PLDW.

For additional details and information, please refer to the full operating manual.



Pewag RGS Eyebolt

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