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Pewag Profilift Zeta Lifting Point (PLZW)

Pewag Profilift Zeta Lifting Point (PLZW)
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Pewag PLZW features

Pewag PLZW Profilift Zeta lifting point dismantled


The Pewag Winner Profilift PLZW 'Zeta' lifting point can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools (applies up to thread size M24) therefore making it possible to directly attach closed lifting equipment such as eye sling hooks or rope loops, without having to use additional shackles.

Pewag PLZW Zeta Profilift lifting point markings



The latest addition to the pewag lifting point portfolio comes with a five-fold safety factor against breakage, is rotatable by 360° and may be loaded in all directions. The individual serial number and the batch number make it possible to clearly identify the lifting point at all times.



The PLZW zeta protects the surface of the load from damage thanks to an integrated sleeve. The screw is 100% crack-tested, comes with a chromate VI-free protection against corrosion and is marked with the working load limit, thread size and torque. The PLZW zeta is mounted in the desired position using a tool.

Optionally also available with peTAG (NFC chip) or PIP (colour marking). Pewag PLZW Zeta Profilift lifting point load chart

Pewag PLZW Profilift Zeta

Pewag PLZW Profilift Zeta dimensions

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