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Pewag VKK10x35 Security Chain

Pewag VKK10x35 Security Chain
£43.20   (£36.00 ex. VAT)

Pewag Austria

Product code: VKK10x35. Pewag part number #13620.

Certified to Sold Secure Bicycle Gold standard.

Pewag VKK10x35 Sold Secure Bicycle Gold

    • 10mm diameter chain links.
    • Case hardened.
    • Special light weight alloy steel.
    • Highly resistant against bolt croppers and sawing.

    Available in lengths from 1 to 15 metres (in 0.5m increments.)


    Chain dimensions:

    Material diameter (dn) = 10mm

    Chain link pitch (t) = 35mm

    Ooutside width (b2) = 35mm

    Pewag VKK security chain dimensions


    Textile Sleeving


    VKK Textile Sleeve

    Chain lengths up to 5 metres long can be purchased complete with a branded Pewag soft textile sleeve. Select 'FITTED WITH SLEEVE' from the drop down menu when making a purchase to add sleeving to your chain order.

    Sleeve can also be purchased separately for retro fitting to existing chains.

    Please click HERE for more details.



    We highly recommend the use of Mul-T-Lock NE Series padlocks with Pewag security chains. These are top quality items and when used together with Pewag chains they combine to create a formidable partnership.

    Click HERE for further details of the range.


    Chain & Padlock Packages

    Chain & Padlock CombinationsBuy Pewag security chains fitted with textile sleeve and complete with Mul-T-Lock padlocks and SAVE 10%!*

    Click HERE to buy.


    (* When compared to buying items separately at full RRP)

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