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Pewag VNMAW Vertical Lifting Clamp

Pewag VNMAW Vertical Lifting Clamp
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This special clamp is fitted with two clamp jaws made from a synthetic material that leave no imprint on the material to be lifted during use, making it particularly suited for moving, lifting and lowering special materials such as stainless steels (Inox), aluminium sheet metal, wooden boards and chipboard. The clamp is hooked directly onto the crane hook using a high-strength chain and has a load capacity of 0.5 t. The clamp is adjustable in 20 mm steps.


Code Load capacity [kg] Jaw opening R [mm] H [mm] S [mm] T [mm] U [mm] V [mm] W [mm] X [mm] Y [mm] Weight [kg/pc.]
VNMAW0.5T 500 1-180 242 143 40 410 235-395 61 80 14 10

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