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Pewag G6+ Stainless Steel Pump Lifting Chains

Pewag stainless steel pump lifting chains are manufactured from G6+ AISI 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. Each assembly is fully welded and incorporates an AWI oval type master link at each end and every metre along the length of the assembly.

The following video shows a typical pump lifting operation using Pewag chains.



Pewag G6+ pump lifting chains are available with load capacities from 200kg to 12 tonnes.

Each component and length of chain is batch numbered and grade marked for full traceability back to the original material certificates. Every assembly is proof load tested by the manufacturer to 2 x the WLL.

A stainless steel ID tag is incorporated displaying a unique serial number, the working load limit (WLL), the manufacturers mark and the sling grade.





Special configurations can be supplied such as chain assemblies terminating with two legs.



Please contact us for price and availability.




Further data on the full range of Pewag G6+ pump chains can be seen in the table below.