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Pewag Winner Inox Stainless Steel Chain Slings

Pewag Winner Inox G6+ stainless steel chain slings are available in all welded or mechanically assembled formats and replaces the outgoing Grade 50 programme.

Mechanically Joined Chain Slings

Pewag Winner Inox stainless steel chains and components combine to provide an interchangeable basic lifting program which is practical and can be used in many applications where standard alloy chains are not suitable.

A multitude of individual parts from other manufacturers can be combined with the Inox system providing that they are of the same quality grade and tolerance level. On this basis the CWI Connex connector can be fully utilised.

Connex links can be used in combination with stainless steel wire rope, eye hooks and master links. In contrast to conventional lifting slings, Pewag Winner Inox can be used in corrosive mediums as well as at elevated temperatures of up to 350°C.

Production of chains and components is based on high class materials 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)and 1.4404 (AISI 316 L) + 1.4462 (AISI 318 LN), in which the proportion of carbon is limited.

Pewag‘s quality management (ISO 9001) and continuous controlled production processes under the correct practices ensure the highest possible levels of safety and service life.

Welded Chain Slings

Round link and profile chains coupled with master links and transition or joining links are welded using butt resistance or flash butt welding techniques on sophisticated welding machines. These machines use electrical energy and mechanical upset forces to produce welds of a homogenizes finish, with 100% weld penetration.

Welding areas are 100% full penetration so that there are no hollow spaces or cracks, in which for example water, chemicals or residue can accumulate.

Welded chain systems are used for example in hygienic applications due the clean surface of all components, chain, master and joining links. Persistent and profound pollution will remain minimal and the chains can be cleaned easily.

If chain slings are used in applications with vibration, the welded system offers highest security and longest duration of life.

Welded chain sling systems are often used in appliactions such as:
• Water, wastewater and pump industry
• Chemical and oil industry
• Clean technology and regenerative energy
• Food, slaughterhouse, hygienic and fishing industry
• Powerplant and facilities (also in areas of higher temperatures)
• Surface treatment
• Marine and military
• Recreational and sports areas

Load Chart For Inox G6+ Chain Slings

The working load limits listed are maximum values of the various sling types, stated according to the standard (uniform load) method of rating.

Reduction Factors

If the chain is exposed to severe conditions (e.g. high temperatures, asymmetric load distribution, edge loading, impact/shock loads), the maximum working load limit values must be reduced according to the table below. For this purpose, the load factors indicated must be taken into account. Please also take into consideration the data provided in the User Manual.

If chains are wound around support arms or other round-shaped loads, the diameter should be minimum 3x the chain pitch. For smaller diameters, the lifting capacity of the chains must be reduced by 50%.

The winner inox chain system G6+ should not be used with temperatures over 350°C.
For applications with higher temperatures, we will gladly advise you.